CATEGORY: Individual courses

An introduction to Managing Health & Safety at work

Course Access: 356 days access
Course Overview

As someone responsible for health and safety it probably surprises you how cavalier people can be about workplace health and safety, especially in apparently safe environments such as an office.

This course underlines the very real risks that exist in all workplaces, whilst reinforcing the personal responsibilities laid down by law. It also addresses the learner’s attitude to health and safety, and discusses in overview the type of risks they face.

This course helps the learner to recognise health and safety as a real workplace issue.

Course Content

• Why health and safety is a key issue for both employers and employees
• Accident statistics
• The legal situation
• An overview of job, environmental and attitudinal risks to health and safety
• Taking action in the event of an accident
• Getting help and advice on health and safety matters

Course Level: Awareness
Certification Duration: 2 Years
Time to complete: 365 days from purchase