CATEGORY: Individual courses

Fluids, Nutrition and Food Safety

Course Access: 365 days access
Course Overview

In this course we consider the importance of a balanced diet, and its significance for those receiving care or support.

We also take a look at the very important subject of food safety, which requires us to ensure that the food people eat is not going to cause them harm.

Course Content

• The importance of good nutrition
• The six key nutrients for a healthy diet
• The importance of fluids
• The Eatwell Guide
• Signs and symptoms of poor nutrition and dehydration
• Meeting nutritional needs and preferences
• Maintaining dignity when eating and drinking
• Enabling access to fluids and food
• Food safety – types of hazard
• Handling, storing and preparing food
• Food allergens and allergic reactions

Course Level: Awareness
Certification Duration: 3 Years
Time to complete: 365 days from purchase