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Privacy and Dignity in Health & Social Care

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Course Overview

Privacy and dignity are immensely important to us all throughout our lives, whatever our age or physical or mental ability. Being able to maintain privacy and dignity has a profound effect on self-esteem, confidence and the ability to function within society.

Invasion of privacy, or an attack on dignity, produces different reactions in different people – it may be annoyance or embarrassment, or a feeling of being ignored or considered irrelevant. Whatever the reaction, it will be negative and damaging.

For this reason, it’s absolutely essential that workers in health and social care do all they can to ensure that those in their care are protected from these damaging effects of loss of privacy or dignity.
This course will enable the learner to understand why supporting the privacy and dignity of the people they care for or support is so important, and why they must do everything that they possibly can to maintain it at all times.

Course Content
• What is meant by privacy and dignity
• The role of personal values in promoting dignity
• Maintaining privacy and dignity in the work setting using the Skills for Care 7 Principles
• Supporting skills in self-care
• Risk assessment and supporting informed choice
• Risk enablement
• Active participation and supporting dignity
• Confidentiality and private personal information
• Reporting concerns

Course Level: Awareness
Certification Duration: 3 Years
Time to complete: 365 days from purchase