Cyber security

It seems that everything relies on technology these days, after all, most of us use computers, tablets or mobile phones for e-mails, entertainment, online banking and shopping. Of course, this means that much of our personal information is stored either on our own computers or […]

Person-centred Practice

Health and social care professionals provide the highest quality of care by developing strong partnerships between themselves, the individuals for whom they care and the other services that provide care and support. Person-Centred Practice, with its focus on providing personalised care that treats people with […]

Effective communication in Health & Social Care

Effective communication is an essential skill in the practice of health and social care because it helps to create caring, trusting and practical relationships with the individuals being cared for, their families and coworkers. Being able to communicate effectively means that workers in health and […]

The Caldicott principles

In this course, we will look at the Caldicott Principles. A review was commissioned in 1997 by the Chief Medical Officer of England, “owing to increasing concern about the ways in which patient information is being used in the NHS in England and Wales, and […]

Privacy and Dignity in Health & Social Care

Privacy and dignity are immensely important to us all throughout our lives, whatever our age or physical or mental ability. Being able to maintain privacy and dignity has a profound effect on self-esteem, confidence and the ability to function within society. Invasion of privacy, or […]

Driver Safety Awareness

Did you know that nine people die on UK roads every day, and ten times that number are seriously injured? There are many devastating stories of road accidents and the impact they have, which highlight the importance of road safety. As a driver, you are […]

Allergic and Food Intolerant Customers

Allergic and Food Intolerant Customers (RoSPA Approved) This course aims to help you to understand what allergens are, their impact on people who are affected by them, the law relating to allergens and how they should be managed during food preparation and handling. Learning objective […]

Food Safety in Catering

Food safety training is essential for any food business that aims to create and encourage a food safety culture. It is a legal requirement for staff involved in food handling to be adequately trained and supervised in line with their work activity. This highly interactive […]

Risk Assessment for Managers

Risk Assessment for Managers (RoSPA Approved) Employers must carry out risk assessments in respect of all significant workplace hazards, and failure to comply with this legal requirement can result in prosecution and heavy penalties. Such prosecutions rarely arise from any wilful intention to break the […]